Posted by: shelliejelly | May 23, 2008

Immediate, right now

Even falling in love rather quickly couldn’t stop O. and I from keeping alight the spark that drew us together, a magnetism evident and obvious. One night, before I picked him up from the train station, I taped a rather scandalous card to the dashboard in front of the passenger seat. I don’t even remember what the inside said, but it was sexy, not quite tipping the scale fully toward raunchy, but certainly heading in that direction. I had written a single cursive O. on the outside, perhaps there was a heart somewhere.

When he came out of the train station he was wearing a leather jacket. Though a little too Fonzy for my taste, he looked good. Something inside of me panicked, I don’t know what, and I reached over and quickly ripped the card from his side of the car, stuffing it in the side pocket on the driver’s side. He climbed in and said “Hi,” and I put my foot on the gas, edging us toward traffic and home to my apartment.

I never did give him the card. Never did mention that I was thinking of him in dirty adult ways all day and thought the surprise sentiment on the dashboard would be like whispering in his ear, “I want to fuck you.” Driving down Michigan Avenue, stopped at a red light, another car had blocked the intersection trying to get through on a yellow signal. I started honking my horn and yelling, the woman in the back seat looking at me like I had lost my mind.

And perhaps I had. I couldn’t contain my desire for the man sitting next to me, couldn’t wait to get him home. When we finally walked into the apartment we kissed standing up, as we usually did, slowly moving toward the bedroom. I was too shy to let the card do the talking, but my body had no problem finding the words.


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