Posted by: shelliejelly | November 13, 2008

A hope for the future

sabine4Today when I dropped my 2 year old off at school, I noticed some older kids doing a good morning cheer for all the students who were being let out in the drop off lane. As cars drove up, they sang “G-O-O-D,  M-O-R-N-I-N-G” in the sing-songy way of a cheer and then jumped up with their arms in a V, clapping as the doors to each car opened.

Sabine attends a Montessori school as a part of their toddler program. Next year, she will join the 3 to 6 group, where she will be integrated with children who are older. The idea is peer-to-peer interaction and a casual mentoring environment aids in development. Observing and then modeling behavior, I suppose, is the key to this idea.

I am not truly up on all things Montessori, but I like the idea. I’ve watched older kids in other classrooms take intellectual risks, and the encouragement they receive in terms of individual growth makes me wish I had been in a similar environment while in grade school and junior high.

This post, though, isn’t about Montessori and it’s value or failures. What I really wanted to write about is the feeling I got when I saw those three friends greeting every arriving child. Some kids got out of the car as though a red carpet had been rolled out and photographers were waiting to snap their picture. Others looked a little confused and bewildered, like they were asking themselves, “For me? All of this, for me?”

I couldn’t help but smile as I tripped down the street to my job. I looked back and saw the three running from car to car, making sure they got their cheer out to everyone. And I thought to myself how I hope Sabine has friends like that, the kind that encourage her to be silly and kind. Shouting and laughing, stumbling along to make a classmate feel special.

And, too, I want her to be on the recieving end, to pull up to school one day and be greeted with a cheering section all her own, at least until she gets out of the car.


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