Posted by: shelliejelly | November 20, 2008

The best medicine

It’s true what they say about laughter — it is the best medicine. These days, I sometimes have a hard time remembering to find moments that require, or at least offer the potential of eliciting, laughter. Even when I force myself to squeeze and squeeze this sour situation into something sweet (lemons into lemonade), I can too often let myself slip, my face distorted with the tart realization of where I am.

Ok. Enough with the lemons.

The point remains the same. I remind myself every day of what I have to be grateful for, but sometimes can’t help but peer over the edge of what feels like a bottomless void. My urge to scream is palpable at times; I want to hear my voice echo back to me that everything will be just fine, as it should be, as it was always meant to be.

Lately, I’ve taken to spending my Friday nights exploring iTunes for movies and shows, anything that will let me just sit and laugh. Sometimes I make myself some popcorn, other times I might have a glass of wine or beer — but whatever the choice, I anticipate this time, look forward to letting myself exhale.

Though I am a fairly serious person and have seen my share of experiences that require serious response, I grew up in a hilarious family. Sure, there were moments, as always, but I have a great deal of laughter stored in my memory banks, too. Stills and short movies of laughing so hard my belly ached or I had to stop to catch my breadth.

True, I may have to seek out my sources of funny these days. Perhaps the natural laughter offered up by life is a little harder to find, hiding, just out of reach. But that’s temporary, I know. Laughing is the thread that runs through me, tying together everything else, weaving the pattern of my life with shades of gray and bright, bold hues.

I’ve got my sense of humor in my sights; I know enough to miss it, and that’s something.


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