Posted by: shelliejelly | March 24, 2010

Grace in Small Things, #89

1. The feel of wind on my face

2. Sabine picking Transformer gym shoes and me letting it slip that they are for boys. Her quizzical look telling me she doesn’t wholly understand this subtle distinction I’m drawing. My heart catching in my throat, tears edging my eyes when she asks, “These are boys shoes?” I’ve never wanted words back so badly, and then I look her in the eye and say, “No, honey, these are Sabine shoes.” Find your own way, little girl, and please let me find the strength and fortitude to not get in your way.

3. Kids playing in a sandbox at school, one looking up at her parents with a big smile, telling them “It smells like the beach!”

4. Hugs that I can fall into

5. Words that act like balm, soothing

Go, be grateful!


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