This is my attempt at this project. Each entry will be 35 words about someone who has made an appearance in my life. Some have small parts; others play significant roles; all have made an impression

365-1: 35 words: Gurb You lived down the street from the house where I grew up. We played, occasionally, but for the most part kept our distance. I never understood your nickname, but didn’t ask. You didn’t tell, either.

365-2: 35 words: Mr. Donner You were my seventh grade science teacher. When you gave me a pin that said “I love work. I could sit and stare at it all day,” I only later realized you were calling me lazy.

365-3: 35 words: Erin Your hugs always made me feel like I was drowning, but not in a bad way. You were taller and bigger than me, and made me feel safe in your arms. I miss them now.

365-4: 35 words: Steve S. You were part of the reason I left my job. Under different circumstances, I think we’d be great friends. I never told you how much I respected and liked you, but I hope you knew.

365-5: 35 words: Jill You were my first best friend, and the one I remember as truly, always liking me for who I was. Most every childhood memory I have includes you in some way, and I like that.

365-6: 35 words: Ryan: We both went to school out East. I told you I’d meet you at the Lincoln Memorial while at a Pro-Choice rally in Washington D.C. I didn’t make it, and I don’t think you cared.

365-7: 35 words: Chris P: We found one another during a time we both needed someone to lean on. I was too afraid to admit my feelings for you were real. You helped me grieve; I helped you move on.


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